January 2021 Admission

Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology takes pride in her Trainees and hereby wishes to congratulate you for securing a chance to study at the Institute. The Institute's Management is looking forward to welcoming you, while being cognizant of the prevailing health situation occasioned by the corona virus pandemic worldwide.

Hello Everyone!!! Admission For Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology is happening right now. Details are given below.

Application Process

We are happy to let you know that Kiambu institute of Science and technology has enabled students to enrol in January 2021 session.

  • First you need to download your admission letter
    • If your index number begins with a zero try and remove it when searching
  • Download other admission documents
    • student declaration Form
    • Student Medical Examination Form
    • Fee Structure
  • To complete online application you must register on the admission Portal
  • NB:Use a Valid email(Email that you can access) to continue with activation
  • Fill in your Correct bio data
  • Fill all the information correctly
  • Upload All required Documents Correctly
  • Carefully fill in the necessary details in the Online Application Form at the appropriate places and submit
  • Ensure you optimize the size of upload documents to 5MB/5120KB and below per document

Apply For Admission

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